Help The Homeless Coin

Help The Homeless Coin is a digital currency aimed at helping the homeless in a variety of ways. The homeless can easily obtain HTH Coin through the HTHW Platform which can be used at vendors who accept HTH Coin*

Help The Homeless Coin is powered by blockchain technology. This technology will allow the HTH Team to follow transactions of HTH Coin which in turn allows the proficient use of HTH Coin and that determines which areas of homelessness needs targeted first such as, funding local organizations who cannot fund themselves with the lack of donations. HTH Coin can be used as a donation method to organizations which are secured and organizations can have reoccurring donations daily, weekly or monthly without having to fear of no donations coming in.

Help The Homeless Coin takes part in masternode technology as well. With HTH Coin Masternodes, organizations can receive donations daily, weekly or monthly which makes donating much easier and much more frequent than conventional methods. With HTH Masternodes, the possibilities are endless with reoccurring donations.

Help The Homeless Coin is trading on several digital currency trading exchanges with more to be announced as HTH Coin grows. Organizations and individuals can trade their HTH Coin for Bitcoin and in turn, trade for USD and can then be used accordingly or be used at anyone of our participating vendors*

To learn more on Help The Homeless Coin or to become a Partner of HTH, please visit the HTH Coin Website at

*HTH Coin will be accepted by vendors in the near future. Updates will be posted.

Help The Homeless Worldwide A NJ Nonprofit Corporation is a fully registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, EIN 83-1698753.
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