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SCN Coin September Promotion!!

SecureCloudNet (SCN) is a crypto coin project that will be used to purchase cloud services. 

Along the way we would like to donate to the HTH coin project in their efforts to support the homeless.  So during the whole month of September of 2019 SecureCloudNet is raising funds with the help of its community.  Two initiatives have been set up by which donations are multiplied. 

1st  on Crypto Bridge when someone makes a purchase of an SCN at its going “Ask Price” (during the month of September) a donation of 10 SCN coins will be made by SecureCloudNet team member JeffreyScott with a total max donation of 10,000 SCN coins by him. 

2nd initiative is that for every 500 SCN coins donated to HTH project by a SecureCloudNet member (during the month of September)  JeffreyScott will be matching this with his own 100 SCN coins (Up to a 40,000 coin match), For, a total matching donation of 50,000 SCN coins, when adding the two initiatives together. 

We have the possibility of raising 250,000 SCN coins to Help The Homeless.

Our hope that HTH will be able to use the SCN coins to support its Help The Homeless efforts.  Thanks for your hard work HTH Community!

SCN Donation Wallet Address 


To download the SCN Wallet please visit

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